Reproductive Doulas and Reproductive Educators

What is a Certified Reproductive Doula™? There are a variety of different types of doulas. There are birth doulas, post-partum doulas, prenatal doulas ™, and fertility doulas™. A Certified Reproductive Doula™ represents a professional doula who is trained to support a woman from conception through birth.

The Greeks introduced the term doula which meant woman servant. In recent history, the term doula has been associated with trained professionals to support a woman during her childbirth period. This service expanded to include support a woman after birth, and this person is usually referred to as a postpartum doula.

A Certified Reproductive Doula™ (CRD) is a comprehensively trained professional who teams with a women or couple as early as their efforts to conceive all the way through to the birth of her baby.

A Certified Reproductive Doula™ is trained by an approved training program.

What is the purpose for having a Reproductive Doula™?
The journey of trying to conceive, prenatal care and wellness, and childbirth are often collectively filled with confusion, fear, questions and a desire for help. A Certified Reproductive Doula™ certification is a program the with the purpose of supporting women with education and care from the moment they start trying to conceive through the joy of delivering their new baby. The overall mission is to help conception, prenatal wellness and childbirth happen in the healthiest and most positive way.

What does a Reproductive Doula™ do?
A Certified Reproductive Doula™ (CFD) helps individual who are trying to grow their family access education and support throughout the entire journey from conception through birth. The role of a CRD is to join a woman or couple as they try and conceive and guide her through conception health, prenatal health, and childbirth health. The objective is to foster healthy choices throughout her entire reproductive journey. Education or support is provided with the following:

  • Fertility Fitness and Nutrition
  • Pre-conception health for both men and women
  • Prenatal fitness and nutrition
  • Prenatal wellness
  • Childbirth preparations and support
  • Introductions to breastfeeding
  • Support and information through complications or loss

Unfortunately, the reproductive journey is accompanied with struggles, complications and concerns at any point of the journey. Your CRD will be there to support you through the emotions connected with any of these issues. She will also serve as a guide helping you get the information you need to address these challenges as the arise.

What is the difference between a Certified Reproductive Doula™ and a Certified Reproductive Educator™?
The Reproductive Doula™ and the Reproductive Educator™ will both provide you with the same information. The location and format often differs as well as the support service that usually comes with the Reproductive Doula™.

A Certified Reproductive Educator™(CRE) is focused on disseminating education. This may occur through a helpline, a birth center, or a school campus.

Although a Certified Reproductive Doula™(CFD) may also deliver this education through one of the same venues as a CRE, a CRD is usually more personal delivering that education with a woman or couple one on one. The CRD is also focused on providing personal care and support. They are usually providing support through phone calls, personal visits, or Skype.

Most often, a CRD is providing education and support in the home of the woman or couple as they navigate the reproductive journey together. The setting is at the comfort of the woman or couple and may vary from time to time.

What are the benefits of a Certified Reproductive Doula™?
A Certified Reproductive Doula™ (CFD) helps a woman or couple grow their family with confidence. A CRD guides individuals through the reproductive journey from conception to birth helping women and couples choose the healthiest and most positive options every step of the way.

Your CRD will guide you through preconception health and fertility wellness choices, through prenatal wellness choices, and childbirth options. She will help you evaluate lifestyle choices that foster both conception and prenatal wellness. A healthy baby is your goal and the best way to achieve that is through healthy conception and healthy prenatal wellness.

How do you become a Certified Reproductive Doula™?
Certification occurs through the Prenatal Institute to help accomplish the mission making healthy motherhood a reality. Training to become a Certified Reproductive Doula™ (CRD) or a Certified Reproductive Educator™ (CRE)is provided by the Prenatal Institute or an approved Certified Fertility Education Trainer (CFET).

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