Prenatal Doulas and Prenatal Educators

What is a Certified Prenatal Doula™? It is important to first understand what a doula is. The word doula comes from the Greek and translate into a woman’s servant. The traditional understanding of a doula today is an individual trained to assist a woman during her childbirth. A postpartum doula is someone trained to provide support and assistance to a family after the baby is born.

A Certified Prenatal Doula™ (CPD) is a trained individual who supports a woman during her prenatal period with education, support and care. This person is trained by the Prenatal Institute, or an approved training program.

What is the purpose for having a Prenatal Doula?
The Prenatal Doula certification is a program to support the mission of creating healthy families. The objective is increasing the number of women and families exposed to healthy prenatal wellness education increasing the probability that each mother experiences a healthy pregnancy and healthy newborn.

What does a Prenatal Doula do?
A Certified Prenatal Doula™ (CPD) serves expecting mothers with education, care and support. Literally, the role of a CPD is to come alongside and help expecting mothers with education that fosters healthy pregnancy. Education or support is provided with the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Common discomforts
  • Overall wellness
  • Birth defects
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Multiples

Unfortunately, various challenges like birth defects or pregnancy complications are common. Your CPD will help you process the emotions associated with these challenges, guide you to support and care services, and help you get the information you need to address you questions and concerns.

What is the difference between a Certified Prenatal Doula™ and a Certified Prenatal Educator™?
The majority of education and information provided by either is the same. The key difference is the type of service that accompanies the education. Additionally, the setting where services are provided is usually different as well.

A Certified Prenatal Educator™(CPE) usually delivers their education in a classroom or group type environment. The format of this education is usually more like a lecture or presentation. This education be provided as a complementary service in a Midwife or Obgyn’s office with other locations including places like maternity homes, pregnancy centers, or college and school campuses.

Although a Certified Prenatal Doula™(CPD) may also provide education in a similar classroom type format, the majority of time their education is provided to expecting moms in a one on one basis. Additionally, the CPD typically serves more as a coach, mentor, and supporter coming alongside the expecting mother throughout her pregnancy.

A CPD usually provides the education and support in the home of the expecting mother or in a casual setting like a coffee house.

What are the benefits of a Certified Prenatal Doula™?
A Certified Prenatal Doula™ (CPD) helps create peace-of-mind, particularly for first-time expecting mothers. Your CPD will make sure that you get answers to your questions, guide you through healthy prenatal wellness practices, and support you along the way.

Your CPD help make knowing what to eat and what avoid easier. Your CPD will provide guidance on lifestyle choices, proper fitness activities They will equip you with questions to discuss with your healthcare provider to keep you more informed and better equipped for a healthier pregnancy.

How do you become a Certified Prenatal Doula?
Training to become a Certified Prenatal Doula is provided by an approved Certified Prenatal Education Trainer (CPET).

Please use the contact form to inquire about certification training.