Fertility Doulas and Fertility Educators

What is a Certified Fertility Doula™? The term Doula originates in the Greek and meant woman servant. The majority of times the word doula is used today refers to the trained professional who partner with expecting mothers to support them through their birth. A trained professional who assists a new mother after birth is referred to as a post-partum doula.

A Certified Fertility Doula™ (CFD) is a trained professional who partners with a women who is trying to conceive and grow her family. This person is trained by an approved training program.

What is the purpose for having a Fertility Doula™?
The Fertility Doula™ certification is a program with the purpose of equipping and supporting women who are trying to conceive delivering the education and guidance to achieve conception in the healthiest way.

What does a Fertility Doula™ do?
A Certified Fertility Doula™ (CFD) serves individual who are trying to conceive with information, support and guidance. Literally, the role of a CFD is to come alongside and help women with information that supports healthy conception. Education or support is provided with the following:

  • Fertility Nutrition
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Fertility awareness
  • Pre-conception health and wellness
  • Sexual health
  • Genetic considerations
  • And more

Your CFD will help you process the emotions associated with fertility struggles, miscarriages, or other conception concerns. She will also serve as a guide that helps you navigate the plethora of information that is so easily obtainable on the web and equally easily confusing.

What is the difference between a Certified Fertility Doula™ and a Certified Fertility Educator™?
The education or information delivered to you by either person will be similar. The most significant difference is the level of support that accompanies the education. Similarly, the environment where the education is delivered usually differs.

A Certified Fertility Educator™(CFE) usually practices in a classroom or group setting. The format of this education is most often presented like a lecture. A CFE may leverage fertility clinics, birth centers, or obstetrician offices to conduct classes.

Although a Certified Fertility Doula™(CFD) may also deliver information in a similar structure or classroom format, most often you will find a CFD conduction personal education with women who are trying to conceive in a one on one bases. You will also find that a CFD usually provides ongoing support as you try and conceive or struggling with the fertility journey.

A CFD usually delivers her information and support in the home of the woman or couple trying to conceive. It may also take place in public places similar to a coffee shop.

What are the benefits of a Certified Fertility Doula™?
A Certified Fertility Doula™ (CFD) helps a woman trying to conceive gain confidence in how she is pursuing conception. Your CFD will make sure that you know what are the healthiest steps to take to achieve conception the quickest and more importantly the most healthiest way.

Your CFD will guide you through nutritional choices. She will lead you to make lifestyle choices that foster healthier fertility foundations. She will also provide you with questions to consult with your obstetrician, midwife or reproductive endocrinologist. A health conception is your goal and it is her mission.

How do you become a Certified Fertility Doula?
Certification occurs through the Prenatal Institute with a mission of making healthy motherhood a reality. Training to become a Certified Fertility Doula is provided by the Prenatal Institute or an approved Certified Fertility Education Trainer (CFET).